R&L Recycling B.V. ensures in its operations that the focus on individuals, society and the environment is balanced. Business processes and decisions have been designed to continuously work on good standing, a pleasant working environment and healthy business practices to ensure that R&L Recycling B.V. stays more innovative and productive.

An important part of this is society. When setting up the test centre we took into consideration how we can organize our processes to involve the local labour market within our workflow. For example, we offer internships at our location to vocational college student, so they can gain practical experience. The aim is to lead trainees to the labour market. They develop the skills needed to be able to work independently.

R&L Recycling B.V. also ensures that your obsolete electrical and electronic equipment will not be dumped on landfills or seafills and/or in developing countries. Everything is carried out according to current laws and regulations, and based on the WEEELABEX norm. In this way we are also able to guarantee the highest recycling rates.