About R&L Recycling B.V. (Ltd.)


R&L Recycling B.V. is specialised in collecting, storing, processing, testing and handling obsolete electrical and electronic equipment and metal-bearing waste. R&L Recycling B.V. is one of only a few companies focused on both product re-use (testing until goods are again usable) and recycling. To be able to ensure that product re-use can be employed optimally, the company has an assembly department as well as a fully equipped test centre that complies with all legal guidelines according to WEEELABEX. Product re-use is ultimately the most effective and certainly the most environmentally-friendly way of recycling!

R&L Recycling B.V. operates internationally. We collect and trade worldwide. All imports and exports of electronic scrap and used products are carried out in accordance with all laws and regulations.

R&L Recycling B.V. accepts obsolete electrical and electronic equipment and components. Click HERE for an overview.

We are also interested in overstocked electronics.