Responsible re-use

R&L Recycling B.V. has for years guaranteed the environmentally-friendly and proper recycling of obsolete electrical and electronic equipment. There are basically two ways in which recycling can be handled:

• Product re-use, in which discarded equipment or components are put back in use after testing.

• Material re-use, in which the raw materials that make up the discarded equipment or components are re-used. Equipment and parts are disassembled into pure raw materials, e.g. plastic, iron, precious metals, etc.

Both ways of re-use are termed useful applications. R&L Recycling B.V. strives as much as possible to achieve the first recovery method, because this is the most efficient and effective way. R&L Recycling B.V.'s way of working perfectly suits government policy on waste management and the so-called 'Lansink's Ladder' (Dutch waste management norm), and strives for minimal environmental impact.

Benefits of R&L Recycling:

1. Always offers you a matching solution.

2. Recycling based on the customer's wishes.

3. Your material will always be recycled in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way.

4. Materials can be delivered and/or picked up daily.