Processing electronics

Nowadays, only WEEELABEX-certified recycling companies are permitted to process obsolete electronics and electrical equipment. R&L Recycling B.V. is one of these companies, and can therefore guarantee that your electronic waste is recycled responsibly.

Our regular suppliers and customers include small and large businesses, municipalities, schools, recycling companies, the government, and waste collectors.

Examples of electrical waste that R&L Recycling B.V. processes:
PCs, printers, switches, servers, telecoms, computer peripherals, audio/video equipment, mobile phones, adapters, cables, as well as electronic components such as hard drives, circuit boards, CD-rom mix, processors, memory, etc.

Product re-use or complete processing until recycling; everything takes place in consultation with the supplier. Our processing services also include data destruction.

If product re-use is possible, the equipment is sorted and tested in the test centre in accordance with the WEEELABEX norm. If equipment ultimately does not fully comply with our comprehensive safety and functionality tests, it is rejected and processed for material re-use.