R&L Recycling B.V. has all the necessary and required licences and certificates. As such, we may process and re-use obsolete electrical and electronic equipment and components, because we possess the following:

• Environmental permit issued by Gemeente (municipality) Helmond (The Netherlands) with registration number 2013-X0659,
Environmental permit OLO 648533 D.
• WEEELABEX, certificate number 17-0019.
• VIHB-registration NB503555 VIHB at NIWO with reference.
• ISO 14001.

R&L Recycling B.V. is audited periodically by Gemeente Helmond overseers with regards to proper compliance with laws and regulations.

WEEELABEX Certificaat 19-0019
NIWO Certificaat onbepaalde tijd geldig
ISO 14001 - MSC-K104972 01 - NL